Artificial Intelligence’s poem on Sapiens!

Posted On ஏப்ரல் 3, 2023

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What a positive view that the AI has 👏🏻

I asked chatGPT to give a poem on Sapiens!
(My request originated by the influence of the book I’m reading 😜)

ChatGPT’s poem below:

Sapiens, wise beyond measure
Our minds so vast, so full of pleasure
We walk upright, we use our hands
To build great things across the lands

Our language skills are honed and sharp
We communicate from heart to heart
Our thoughts and dreams are deep and grand
As we explore this wondrous land

From ancient times to modern day
We’ve carved our path along the way
We’ve made our mark on history
Advancing with each mystery

Sapiens, we’ve come so far
Our future bright just like a star
With knowledge, hope, and empathy
We’ll build a better world, you’ll see.


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